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    Introduction of Yantai Spiral Lighting Company
    Yantai Spiral Lighting Company is located in Shandong province, close to Qingdao seaport.Spiral is a professional manufacturing factory of LED panel/down-light. LED panel category covers common slim and surface panel series, crystal A/B panel series, CCT-change panel series, double-color 3+3W/6+3W/12+4W/18+6W panel series, plastic panel series etc., from 3W to 60W. LED down-light category covers both COB and SMD, internal-driver and external-driver, with various tooling heat-sink, from 10W to 45W. Spiral has also developed flood-light and high-bay categories for some old customers, from 10W to 300W with different models.
    Spiral has passed ISO9001 quality certification and the LED panel/down-light series have acquired CE certificates. All the tests are carried out under IEC standard, such as high-temperature test, low-temperature test, switch-on-off test, surge test, life tracking test etc., and the inside temperature control is one of main attentions.
    Spiral staff dream big and work hard. The technical team keeps developing new products with the customer together. The sales team spends time on visiting customers for market research and after-sales service. Employees training and team built-up actions are arranged periodically to inspire people's continuous passion and enthusiasm for better serving the customer. Most of old customers have long-term relationship with Spiral. Spiral is engaged in becoming LED panel/down-light manufacturing expert.

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