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        依托中国箱包制帽之乡和交通便利的优势,公司的箱包和制帽产业发展蒸蒸日上,至今已有12年箱包和制帽产业的经验和历史,现已成为亚洲最大的箱包和帽子生产商之一。公司拥有裁剪、缝纫、针织、塑料、水洗、刺绣、印刷等车间,集研发、制造、销售为一体。主营帆布包、皮包、PU包、PVC包,以及各种绣花运动帽,棒球帽,渔夫帽,针织帽,登山帽和太阳帽, 产品大部分出口, 远销美国,加拿大,澳大利亚,韩国, 日本, 南美 , 欧洲,非洲地区等几十个国家和地区 。
        公司代加工生产国际时尚品牌Armani、Samsonite、CK、PG、Radley、LO&SONS、"Calvin Klein", "TOMMY HILFIGER", "Kate Spade", "KARL LAGERFELD" and "DKNY", everlast等手提包和配套帽子系列产品,拥有自主品牌。
    HAIYANG YUDA LUGGAGE CO., LTD. which is located in a beautiful coast city-YANTAI, is 50km to Yantai Airport, 70km to Qingdao Airport, and 120km to pre-fleet port of Qingdao, Communication is very convenient.
    HAIYANG YUDA LUGGAGE CO., LTD. specializes in manufacturing caps, hats and bags, with fabric material can be cotton, linen, polyester, acrylic, pu, PVC, leather, etc. With strong technical force with advanced production, inspection, testing equipment, the existing 6 lines are for the productions of leather, cow split leather, cotton/polyester and pvc products mainly.
    Our caps are mainly embroidered sports cap, baseball cap, and hip-hop cap. We also have promotional cap, military cap, sun visor, mesh cap, peak cap, bucket hat, etc. We have our own workshops for Fabric Cutting, Sewing, Knitting, Plastic peak making, Washing, Embroidery and Printing etc, which enables us to become a professional major enterprise for cap industry base.
    Our bags and caps are mainly produced for famous brands allover the world, such as Armani, Samsonite, PG, Radley, LO&SONS, "Calvin Klein", "TOMMY HILFIGER", "Kate Spade", "KARL LAGERFELD" and "DKNY", "everlast" MLB etc. We also have our own brand and can make OEM for new customers. Our products have the same quality of materials and workmanship as that of famous brand, but with much economical price. Small orders are also welcome.
    From time to time, we will increase and bring in new styles of caps, hats and bags so that you could always find something new here. For more information, please visit our website and email us today.

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