Welcome to the website of China (Yantai) cross border e-commerce comprehensive pilot area
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    Shandong Yunrongtong E-Commerce Co., Ltd. was established in Yantai, Shandong Province in 2016 with a registered capital of RMB 50 million. The company has a branch office in Shenzhen and an office in Beijing \ Shanghai \ Qingdao. Overseas in Australia \ Russia \ Southeast Asia \ Korea It has a branch office and has offices in the United States, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

    The company is mainly engaged in food and other fast-moving consumer products, 3C products, small household appliances, home textile, outdoor sports products.

    The company's main cross-border supply chain business, overseas major and Australian Purchasing Association  \ Jardine Group \ Russia Europe Food City \ Amazon \ Alibaba \ Yandex \ Lazada platforms such cooperation, there are nearly a thousand kinds of products online.

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