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    Red100 was founded in 1995. Now, it has established two factories, respectively in Suzhou and Yantai and employs over 1, 200 employees.Red100 has focused on designing, researching and developing, manufacturing and selling the nigh-power lighting products for 25 years. Meanwhile, Red 100 owns 79 key technology patents, the specialized laboratory which has passed the German TUV certification, Swiss SGS certification, and American UL certification. And the special-designed production and manufacture technologies and processes for high-power lighting products. It is also one of the entities for setting energy efficient standard of LED in China. In the lighting industry, we are recognized as An Expert in High-power LEDS for our comprehensive understanding of customers' demands on high-power products.
    Suzhou factory locates in Chinese largest “German enterprises industrial park", where it's only 50km away from downtown Shanghai. With regards to the Suzhou factory, its floor area is about 66, 000m, and the area of workshop and comprehensive building is 50,000m, and the area of stereoscopic warehouse is 4, 500m. It currently has 29 fully automatic production lines, and the complete team for R&D, quality control test and sales. Our products are exported to over 60 countries around the whole world, and Red100 is the most professional high-power LED lighting manufacturers in China.

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